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Brickfact – The App for Bricks Fans and Collectors

With the free Brickfact app you always keep track of your bricks collection. Simply enter your purchases and sales and see the daily value of your sets. To expand your collection, you can always find the best deal on thousands of sets with Brickfact.

We want you to manage your collection as easily as your stock portfolio. Missing the best deals or searching for the best price? With Brickfact this is a thing of the past!

» See the increase in value of your sets «
You enter the purchases and sales of your sets and Brickfact brings overview to your collection:
• Gains/losses of your collection
• Increases in value of single sets
• Statistics of your collection

» Germany’s largest set database «
Brickfact shows you all data and the best price for more than 8000 sets
• Market value on a daily basis
• Data like: End of Life Status, No. Parts, year of release, RRP for each set
• Extensive price comparison with the biggest stores

No matter if you just want to browse the database, analyze a set in detail or find the best price for a set: Brickfact helps you!

» Be the first to know about the best deals «
The best deals are often only available for a few minutes before they are sold out again. With Brickfact, you’ll never miss out on these deals again. You’ll receive instant notifications so you can buy sets at low prices.

Brickfact is 100% free and has no off-topic ads. The app is usable without having to register.

“Brickfact is THE must-have app for all bricks enthusiasts and collectors.”

Brickfact now available on PlayStore for the first time. All your sets in one place. With Brickfact you can easily keep track of your collection and discover the best deals!
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