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Screen Mirroring supports screen mirroring or casting a variety of file types (including videos, pictures, and music) from phone to TV or other DLNA device.

Are you still worried because the screen is too small to see the subtitles? Are you still suffering from unclear images and loss of perception and experience?

Screen Mirroring solves all your problems easily. Whether it's screen mirroring or file casting, just open this TV Cast app, the phone to TV, it's that easy!
Product Features:
Screen mirroring: Screen mirroring lets you mirror what’s on your phone’s screen to a bigger screen, like a smart TV.
File casting: upload pictures, videos, audios, and other files in the mobile phone to multimedia devices such as TV or computer
Mobile phone control TV: play/pause, fast forward/rewind, volume, previous song/next song, etc.
Change the play order of the files in the current folder (sequence/random/single loop)
Share documents in a business meeting
Share movies and music with your friends

Connect your mobile device & TV To The Same Wi-Fi Network.
Select a TV device that you want to stream to.

There are various types of compatible devices. With Screen Mirroring, you can connect your phone to:
1. Roku TV
2. Amazon Fire TV
3. Android TV
4. Chromecast, etc.

Cast to Roku
Search and connect to Roku TV, you can quickly mirror your phone screen to Roku, greatly improving your movie viewing experience. Just find your favorite video on your phone and connect to Roku.

Cast to Amazon Fire TV
To cast videos or files from your phone to Amazon Fire TV, connect your mobile device and TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Whether it's a game or a movie, easily cast to TV screen.

Cast phone video to Chromecast
Use TV cast to cast videos to Chromecast, and watch movies on a large screen more clearly. Under the same Wi-Fi network, open the TV cast app to automatically search and connect devices.

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We are committed to creating an application that fully fits the user experience. If you have any comments or suggestions, we would be happy for you to contact us at any time. We will sincerely accept your suggestions to improve the product. Welcome to exchange visits at any time, email: [email protected]

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