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CoverScreen OS

CoverScreen OS
  • Updated
  • Version alpha_1.4.1
  • Requirements Android 10
  • Developers IJP
  • Genre Tools
  • Google Play


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The current version of the App on Play Store is outdated by at least 3 versions. The latest version of the App is alpha_1.4.1+, you can directly sideload the .apk by downloading it from here – https://bit.ly/csos_latest_apk . The latest version is very stable and especially fixes the issue of black screen when an App is attempted to launch from CoverScreen OS’s App drawer.

The delay in updates on Play Store is courtesy of COVID, Google Team requires longer than usual time to review each update. Follow the 100+ hour per week development effort on this Telegram group – https://t.me/csos_com and if you would just like to be notified of new versions before it releases on Play Store, you can join this Telegram Channel – https://t.me/csos_updates . All the support for this project is much appreciated!

CoverScreen OS simulates a secondary OS on your Z Flip’s cover screen with the following features:

* Any app Launcher/Drawer
* Support for homescreen widgets
* Quick Toggles
* Navigation gestures (back and home)
* Notifications with reply options
* Voice Keyboard support
* On screen LED Notification indicator

* Setup Bixby (required to fingerprint unlock to launch Apps on cover screen.)
* Set side key to launch Bixby on Long press: Settings > Advanced features > Side key > Under ‘Press and hold’ select ‘Wake Bixby’.
* Launch App – select your Google Account.
* Follow the onscreen dialog to grant ‘Appear on top’ permission.
* Hit the switch at top right corner of the App > Installed services > CoverScreen OS > On > [Notifications access settings page will be opened] > Turn on CoverScreen OS.
* You can now fold your phone to checkout CoverScreen OS in action.


OS screen arrangement:
* Swipe Right: Opens Notifications screen.
* Swipe Left: Shows widgets you have added in the CoverScreen OS Settings App.
* Swipe Down: Quick Toggles.
* Swipe Up: Shows media play back controls (only if there is something active!)
* Tap on Home: Opens App drawer.

Notifications screen:​
* Clicking on Notifications reveals more details.
* To go back to notificaitons list, swipe down

App drawer:​
To exit to home from App drawer, swipe right.

App screen:​
* App screen refers to any App launched from CoverScreen OS’s App drawer.
* Navigating back: Swipe left from extreme right of your cover screen.
* Going back to App drawer: Swipe up from extreme bottom of your cover screen.
* Going home: Go to App drawer > swipe right.
* Text input: Click on any text input area to open Voice Keyboard. On some Apps, you may have to click twice > once to focus on input field > second to open Voice Keyboard.

Sensitive permission requirements:

Notification Access: To read and display notifications on the cover screen. The service doesn’t save any notification, neither locally nor remotely.

Accessibility Service: The service is exclusively used for interacting with the cover screen of the device which includes and not limited to facilitate system navigations like going ‘back’, ‘home’. The service doesn’t collect, store any personal data whatsoever.

* Fixed black screen on App launch! * New Notifications UI/UX! * LED notification fixed! * Access to Samsung pay on long press
CoverScreen OS
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