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  • Version 1.0
  • Requirements Android 4.4
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  • Genre Entertainment
  • Google Play


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Dutafilm Apk is an app developed for an Indonesian audience that brings you a variety of free movies, TV series, and cartoons.

Free movies and TV series are an excellent showcase for anyone who wants to use their Android as a source of entertainment. And that’s what you get on Dutafilm: movies, series, and cartoons and online and for free.

Series, movies, cartoons … everything for free

We get the same menu like other apps in this genre: All content suggested by the Dutafilm App in the main menu. However, it does have a side menu that we can display, and thanks to which we can explore different categories in which all the content is grouped (anime, thriller, mystery, drama, comedy, action …) Your integrated search engine can help us too.

But don’t be surprised if this app shows a lot of ads or at some point, it stops believing … like HBO or Netflix. You need to be clear about the TV platform.

What is Dutafilm?

Over the years we have seen countless films and shows around the world. These production companies will not stop producing that material when it needs to. And over the years it just keeps getting bigger!

So now we have streaming services to meet the huge needs of this entertainment. Thanks to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more, we can enjoy movies and shows on demand. The only problem is that they have to pay a monthly subscription fee that many people cannot afford. So, these people turn to the internet for free resources. However, this is no longer necessary because we now have Dutafilm! Simply put, Dutafilm is a free streaming service app that lets you watch thousands of movies and shows!

Hundreds and thousands of films and shows have now been shot. That’s why streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more are available! These platforms offer on-demand viewing services that allow you to view thousands of titles at any one time.

While most people around the world currently have smartphones, these streaming apps are right for them. The only problem is that they have to pay a monthly subscription fee. But thanks to Dutafilm, you no longer have to pay anything to enjoy countless movies and TV shows! Now you get the luxury that these payment streaming services offer for free. Read on to learn more about this free app!

Dutafilm Features

The streaming service industry is evolving after years. Nowadays, most people prefer this even more than a cable subscription. But for those who don’t want to pay anything, Dutafilm is a perfect app! Here’s why:

Thousands of titles at your fingertips – these days almost everyone has a smartphone. These tools can do almost anything you want on a computer! Including watching your favorite movies and shows through streaming apps. Because of this, it is not surprising that apps like Netflix and Hulu have now received hundreds of millions of downloads. But those who cannot afford such luxury can turn to Dutafilm! Here you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free! You can only access the application by downloading it.

No registration required – Another reason this app is notable is that users don’t need to register! If you only want to stream movies and shows, no personal information needs to be provided. And if you value your privacy online, this is a living feature! Unlike paid streaming apps or other free apps, you need to provide your name, email address, or credit card information. But you don’t have to do anything like that here!

High-quality videos – Dutafilm works by searching the internet for the latest movies and shows and adding their links to the app. They do not store any content on their servers. How to get high-quality videos and a fast app! Dutafilm ensures that all the titles in the app are of the highest quality like Bluray.

Simple user interface – even more convenient is the fact that they designed the app with the user in mind! Here you can easily browse movies and movies and find what you want to see.

Lots of categories – This app has lots of titles in different categories like Action, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Games, and more!

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