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Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator


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Gas Station Simulator is a gas station simulator where you will have to own your own gas station.
You have opened your own business, a gas station and you have to start everything small, you have not purchased a large
and not in very good condition gas station.
You need to work and earn money to get good reviews and not earn bad ones.
If you earn enough money, you will be able to improve your gas station and also open new ones.

Also, do not forget about yourself, you have needs for food and water, as well as you need to go to the toilet,
with the money you earn, you can buy yourself food and drink, and there is an outdoor toilet next to the gas station.
Try to be economical with money and spend on what you need, the gas station also has a limit on gasoline and you also need to buy it to continue your business.

Make your gas station the best by refueling cars and improving your business! Feel what it’s like to run your own
gas station business in this exciting gas station simulator game!
Play the role of a car refueller, as well as a cashier, you are a station wagon manager.

What's new? - Added more bulldozer canisters - The task of refueling the bulldozer is now displayed in the task list - Added a storm - Added tractor fuel consumption system
Gas Station Simulator
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