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MapGenie: Elden Ring Map

MapGenie: Elden Ring Map


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An unofficial fan-made map for EldenRing. Souls games are hard and sometimes you need a companion – so take this interactive map of The Lands Between for when you need it!

• Over 1500 locations – Find all Flask Upgrades, Keys, Dragons, Rare Weapons & Hidden Quests
• 70+ categories – including Dungeon Bosses, Ashes of War, Talismans, Golden Seeds, Teardrop Scarabs & more!
• Quicksearch – just type the name of a location to instantly find what you're looking for.
• Sync progress with the website: https://mapgenie.io/elden-ring
• Progress Tracker – mark locations as found and track the progress of your collectables.
• Take Notes – marking places of interest by adding notes to the map.
• COMING SOON: Underground maps!

NOTE: This app is still work-in-progress – so some info isn't complete yet (especially in the late game). We're adding more locations every day so stay tuned!

If you find a bug, or have any suggestions for the app, please use the 'Send Feedback' option below to let us know!

Disclaimer: MapGenie is in no way affiliated with FromSoftware (the developers of ER)!

- Overground map released (underground maps coming soon!)
MapGenie: Elden Ring Map
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