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Open World Need for Speed ​​game is coming to mobile devices


EA, which is popular in the video game world, provided a gaming experience that gamers admired with its Need for Speed ​​series. However, it should be noted that some games in the series are not as popular as the Legends. Need for Speed ​​Underground 2, for example, was a legend both with its open world theme and unique features. According to the information received, EA is now planning to release a new Need for Speed ​​game with an open world theme.

It has been announced that the new Need for Speed ​​game will be released for mobile devices and will have an open world theme. The video game, which is expected to appear as a test version later this year, is said to focus on both graphics and the multiplayer experience. The claims that the game, code-named Need for Speed ​​Online Mobile, will be multiplayer-oriented are therefore compelling.

It is a bit difficult to offer a very good open world in racing games and it’s interesting to see what Need for Speed ​​can do in this regard. Further development has to wait a little longer.

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