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ROADLORDS Truck GPS Navigation

ROADLORDS Truck GPS Navigation


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ROAD LORDS is a free online GPS navigation app with offline maps of more than 48 countries including Europe, Russia and Turkey. It is designed to choose the best route for your truck, van or another type of large vehicle. It also covers live traffic information from roads, such as incidents, as well as informs truck drivers about police controls, speed cameras and much more.
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ROAD LORDS can even help companies that navigate fleets. It lets drivers find suitable gas stations or truck parkings along the route. Based on road preferences, it selects completely designed routes for drivers´ vehicles. This, alongside other great features, can make RoadLords perfect route planner for the UK, as well as for the whole Europe. With its maps, ROAD LORDS makes transport activities easier for all.


◦ Enter height / weight / length / axle and other information, set up to 3 truck profiles, get personal routing profiles for different vehicles and avoid roads not suitable for your truck and cargo
◦ See specific information just for trucks like ADR, environmental zones, hazardous materials (Hazmat) and other restrictions
Traffic information, patrols, speed limit & speed camera warnings, dynamic lane assistant and many more
◦ Use waypoints and set multiple places for loading and unloading your cargo
◦ Choose your best route by avoiding toll roads, excluding specific countries etc
◦ Nearest truck parking places with shown availability. See specific parking features like electricity, water supplies, AdBlue, security etc
See drivers around you or turn on invisible mode if you are in a mood of being just by yourself
Report, comment and join our truckers’ community


Free online maps internet connection is required for routing with regular updates.
Real-time traffic information service from more than 200 million cars worldwide in more than 40 areas including Europe and Russia
The best routes based on real-time alerts
Searching among addresses, companies, gas stations and many more
Real-time map updates & social points of interests
Collecting points for kilometers driven, POIs and incidents created
Seeing other users nearby and opportunity for online chat

Premium /Optional features (Offline maps subscription):
Unlimited map download of 48 countries in Europe, including Russia and Turkey
Route planning with no internet connection
Navigating through areas with no signal
Free maps update regularly


Add and edit new places or make them your favorites
Report, comment and join our drivers’ community
◦ Drive with us, collect points and be the champion of the road


Dedicated help button will send a message to other drivers when you need assistance
Call emergency number directly from the app with your actual position shown instantly on your screen

Now, you don’t need to look for plenty of apps. With ROAD LORDS Truck GPS Navigation, you have everything you need on the road in just one single app!

Become a part of our truckers’ family and join us on the roads.

Drive it easy with ROAD LORDS Truck GPS Navigation!

Official page: https://roadlords.com/en
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadLords/
Frequented Asked Questions: https://roadlords.com/en/help
Privacy Policy: https://roadlords.com/en/privacy-policy
By installing, copying or using all or any part of this software you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement: https://roadlords.com/en/eula

ROADLORDS Truck GPS Navigation
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