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Rummy Gold

Rummy Gold


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One of the most popular Rummy is now on Android Phones and Tablets. Download this Free Rummy Card Game to get 50,000 coins and 5 diamonds for free!

Rummy is also known in other countries, for example as Remi (Turkish), Romme (German) and Rami (French).

Rummy Gold is a famous card game played by millions of Rummy lovers😍 in various countries. In this game, you will get an amazing experience with Unlimited fun. It’s easy to learn and play, but to win a hand will be challenging. The goal is to make melds, lay-off cards and going out as soon as possible. If any player goes out, the total points of cards will be deducted from other player’s score.

It is normally played by up to 4 players with its 2 entertaining variations Standard & Elimination. At the starting of the hand, all players get 13 cards to play. All the players have to arrange their cards in the best possible way. The main area of this game includes creating melds, laying off cards, and Going out.

The reward system is very clear and beneficial. You will get Daily Bonus, Level Up Bonus, Achievement Bonus and many more.

The more you win, the more you will get rewarded

On the other hand, Rummy gold is an offline game which means anyone can play anytime anywhere. There is no need for internet connectivity. Our AI will definitely play responsibly according to the rules. The animations and sounds in the game are very charming and elegant that you can enjoy for sure.

In this amazing free card game, you will get a better gaming experience. Several Rules can be Customize in the Rule Setting menu. You can set rules as you want. This feature will help you to create strategies and play in your way.

Features :

⦁ Easy and Fun!

⦁ Great sounds and music effects!

⦁ Challenging Play!

⦁ Cool Graphics!

⦁ Satisfying Animations!

⦁ Huge Rewards!

⦁ Daily Bonus!

⦁ Daily Quests!

⦁ Spinner Bonus!

⦁ Level up Bonus!

⦁ Tough Achievements!

⦁ Rules Customization!

It will be more fun when you join this game and challenge your opponents . More fun and unlimited entertainment😂 are on your way. Download this amazing Rummy Game.

Don’t hide your skills, accept the challenge.

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Rummy Gold
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